The Production Complex of the Company was put into operation in August, 2009 being the object of remanufacturing. The Factory is fitted with advanced high-tech equipment from the leading global manufacturers. The production equipment was manufactured to the Company order. The operators of equipment manufacturers micromanaged its installation and all the settings working out of all the production lines. Production lines give the opportunity to output up to 800 tons of finished products per month and exploit different technical processes of fish and seafood processing. At a given moment, over 200 species are produced at manufacturing facilities in 5 production branches, namely:

  • Fish and seafood processing and packaging branch;
  • Fish semi-finished goods production branch;
  • Preserves production branch;
  • Roe and delicacy production branch;
  • Dried fish production branch.

The range of products is wide and varied:

  • frozen fish of various processing and seafood;
  • preserves group: herring, mackerel, salmon and other fish species;
  • preserves seafood group: in oil, in brine (salted);
  • break out roe, ikura, caviar;
  • roe in sauces, shrimp and roe pastes;
  • fish mince, burgers and other semi-finished products;
  • a wide range of dried fish & snacks.

In 2013 the Company successfully passed the ISO22000 Certification procedure (HACCP), being the subject of additional confirmation of high-quality goods manufactured. The Quality department of the Company on a full-time basis micromanages the every stage of production process: from the inward raw materials controlling at the Factory and within the processing, to storage of finished goods and its transportation to the point of sale. The accredited Laboratory of the Company arranges the researching procedure on chemical and microbiological indices at each production stage. Due to the strict compliance with all the requirements and rates of European standards regarding to food manufacturing, the Company was assigned to the European approval number a-UA-08-22-110-VIII.

Professional technologists’ team is at work upon innovative product species. The main goal of Research and development department is an innovating activity of new technologies for raw materials processing and new species developing in order to achieve the best product testiness, which will be certainly assessed within the consumers.

The Company being the manufacture of high quality products is trusted by the leading trading chains of the country. The Company passes annual inspections by independent auditors authorized with the largest national and international trading chains, which once again confirms the Company’s credibility of the leading retailers as a partner and manufacturer as well.

Production processes stability, labour management balanced system and qualified personnel speak for that it have been created the reputable Company being the mark of pride.