The Klion Group Company is the largest Ukrainian importer of frozen fish and seafood. In 2013 the Company took the lead – the Importer #1, and year on year upscales its share in import amount. At year-end 2017 the share of the Klion Group Company in total import volume amounted to 20%. The fact enables to state confidently regarding to the fundamental contribution of Klion Group Company to Ukrainian fish and seafood market build-up and development. It means that one fish in five on the sales point shelves was supplied with the Klion Group Company. The building-up of a culture of fish and seafood consumption by Ukrainian customers arised in conjunction with the Klion Group Company developing through branches network expansion. The Company on a constant basis supplied and keeps supplying the market within the goods of the prime quality being at the same time an innovator and on the regular basis offering the consumers unique species, which are unparalleled in the Ukrainian market.

The key factors of successful business are the following:

  • Reliable, proven suppliers, each of them is the largest company in its industry. At a given moment, our suppliers are the companies from an aiming to propose Ukrainian consumers only the best food and seafood, and to impress through new products as well!
  • Ongoing efforts upon new markets developing, suppliers searching, and partnerships strengthening. Exclusive contracts for the fish and seafood supplying with the largest fishing enterprises allow the Klion Group Company to maintain a competitive price level and guarantee  the prime quality of the goods to its customers.
  • The knowledge of Ukrainian market needs and consumer demand making. Regular monitoring, demand analysis in the domestic market, as well as constant feedback monitoring from the partners allow to accurately predict demand and determine future Ukrainian consumers’ needs.
  • Strict quality control of imported products, that is the most important criteria determining further cooperation expediency. Integral part of the control procedure are the suppliers’ production complexes  auditing tours with the Company representatives who conduct enterprise thorough audit and make an expert opinion on the technical conditions of the potential supplier business operation. Only with a positive expert opinion, further cooperation becomes possible.
  • Stability and supply security. Powerful storage infrastructure, as well as efficient logistics, are the strong point of the Klion Group Company, and an inalienable requirement for our suppliers. This fact combined with accurate planning allows to minimize the risks of shortages, avoiding a deficit in the assortment, remaining a reliable partner not only in the international, but in the Ukrainian market as well.

At a given moment the Klion Group import amount of frozen fish and seafood is about 60 thousand tons per year.

Among the strategic partner countries of the the Klion Group Company are the following:

  • Norway;
  • Scotland (Great Britain);
  • Spain;
  • Iceland;
  • the United States;
  • Estonia;
  • Canada.

The Company is linked with each country by long-standing partnership relations, with many suppliers from these countries concluded contracts on exclusive deliveries, which guarantee the absence of products of similar quality from our competitors.