In 2016, the Company management decided to develop export sales through its own network of representation offices in other countries. And that very year, the Company established the Office in Georgia, which is sympathetic, similar in faith and culture. The legal name of the Company in Georgia is Klion Georgia.

The Klion Georgia today is:

  • Trade branches in Tbilisi and Poti;
  • Fish, seafood, meat, chicken and own brands assortment totals over 200 species;
  • Dealing with world trading chains, namely: Carrefour, and all the national one;
  • State-financed organizations providing for the goods (armies, schools, hospitals etc.)
  • Dealing successfully with fish processing plants, wholesale companies, various sales outlets, as well as markets.

The Klion Group Company achievements for the year of Georgian representative office operation are the following:

  • Gold importer status;
  • One of the three best importers of Georgia;
  • Fish and seafood market share in Georgia – 15%;
  • Sales leader in all the Georgia trading chains within all the categories of the Company branded goods.