About the Company

The Klion Group being the largest Ukrainian importer of fish and seafood was founded on the 07th of December, 2005 in Zaporizhzhya, where the head office, manufacturing facilities and one of logistics centers are located. The core business areas of the Company are the following: import, processing and sales of fish and seafood. Since the first days of the establishment, the Company have laid out the priorities, namely – the advanced products sales, customer-oriented approach and the nation-wide Company developing!

In 2009, the Company launched Production Complex that have been modernized and fitted with high-tech equipment from the best global manufacturers of fish processing equipment. And the recognition was not long in coming, 2 years later since the Factory have been put into operation, the Company took the second place in nomination “Producer of the Year» of the Annual rating of National food manufactures. At a given moment, the Company produces over 200 species in 5 production branches; thus, the manufacturing capacities are in a position to output up to 800 tons of finished products per month.

The Klion Group further developing prompted to an idea to build the private label Brand Veladis, and in 2014 the branded goods entered the supermarkets’ shelves and earned consumer loyalty due to their quality, tastiness and extensive product line.

At the present time, the Klion Group Company is the leader of the Ukrainian market on the import and sales volume of fish and seafood. The Company has the multi-branch network of 7 Branches within an appropriate logistics location in the biggest cities of the country: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Rivne, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhzhya. The total storage area of the Company amounts to over 15 000 sq.m, making it possible to store 12,000 tons of products in the range at temperature -25°C. The Klion Group Logistics centers being located in Zaporizhzhya, Odessa and Kyiv, accept goods delivered by road, sea and rail, and their storage capacity amounts up to 20 000 tons per month.

With a leadership position foothold in the Ukrainian market, the Klion Group has made a commitment to international development within a representative office establishing in Georgia in 2016. The fundamentals and principles of Company business operations, as well as its philosophy, were introduced at the Georgian branch, and made it possible in a short time to take the Klion Georgia to the top three of fish market of Georgia.

The Company annually reviews its activity by engaging independent credit & rating agencies with an international image. The annual reports point to situation of stability and positive trends of Company developing, being an additional reliability demonstration of the Company for the business Partners. The successful and perspective Company developing arises from a high level of the management and the quality of business processes. At present the Company works out and implements definite projects targeting at a wide range of goals with respect to planning, distribution, control and analysis of all the production processes. The Klion Group Company keeps sharpening the business and finding more effective solutions in order to persist the best one in the fishery business!