The Klion Group Company sales development has always been focused on the Mission:

“What we do is always the best, and we do it the best of all!”

For this very reason since 2013 the Klion Group Company has ranked the first one as to fish and seafood import, within 20% share of sales in Ukraine.The market share expanding, and import ratio increasing as well, have arised consistently and in conjunction with the Klion Group Company branches expansion in different regions of Ukraine.

At a given moment, the Klion Group Company manages 7 branches in such cities as Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkov, Vinnytsia, Odessa, Lviv, Rivne. The branches are picked according to goods sort with 3 Logistics centers: Odessa, Kyiv and Zaporizhzhya. Each branch of the Company is organized at a logistically reasonable areas being historical fish centers.

Sales of the Klion Group Company in Ukraine are divided into following areas:

  • Fish and seafood wholesale. The customers-partners of the indicted area – fish processing enterprises, state-financed organization (pre-school and school institutions etc.), entrepreneurs engaged in both wholesale and trading at retail outlets;
  • The Klion Group Company private label Brands sales – carrying out through an established regional system of distributors, thanks to which the Company Branded goods are available at every outlet.
  • Sales through national, regional and local trading chains of Ukraine, namely: Metro, Auchan, Novus, Varus, etc.